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Deathwish Valhalla Java

Normally I don’t like to buy the same coffee twice, with so much variety out there I don’t want to limit myself. This one I made an exception because I tried it early on in my coffee tasting experience. I am no expert by any means, and the views expressed are just my own thoughts. Your millage may vary.

Beans- Dark and waxy looking, visible signs of oil.

Aroma- Strong, as would be expected with a darker roast. Almost reminds me of a Papua New Guinea, sorta nutty but very aromatic.

Taste- Ashy and leathery, with a touch of nuttiness. These beans were overcooked, and having tried Deathwish’s Deathwish I think it is just how they make them. I am sure there are other flavors in the profile, but the ash flavor really overpowered them.

Body-Made in a french press, so it had a thicker body. I used 1 oz of beans,freshly ground VIA burr grinder and 16oz of filtered water heated to 200.

Finish- It had a long finish and the burned taste really lingered.

Caffeine- It does pack a nice buzz to it, and really does help get the day going. I would put it a bit below Deathwish’s Deathwish but above most other dark roasts I have tried.

overall 3/5, not the worst coffee out there, and if you like a dark roast from Starbucks you will like this. Me personally, I am looking forward to being done with the beans and moving on to a better coffee. I wouldn’t recommend this one to friends, but maybe to a few people I don’t like.


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